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SFP light module has the following five advantages.cwdm sfp transceiver
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SFP light module has the following five advantages.cwdm sfp transceiver

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1. Support hot insertion

The SFP light module is defined by the golden finger tube foot, which makes the sequence of different functions of the module working differently. Essence

2. With digital diagnosis function (DDM)

Real -time monitoring of some related working parameters of the module can be monitored and can monitor its working status.

3. Low cost

Light collection and combination, not only saves raw materials from the previously separated light receiving and optical transmission module, but also saves working hours. Therefore, a module of the optical collection is the best solution to achieve low -cost two -way transmission and optical interconnection.

4. miniaturization

The size of the SFP module is not only smaller than the single optical transmission module or the optical receiving module, but also because the LC -type packaging coaxial optical device is smaller than other packaging forms. The installation can also be more dense. In the component, the integrated circuit is used to complete the functions of APC (power compensation), ATC (temperature compensation), driving, slow starting protection, etc. of the launch module, as well as functions such as the front amplification, limited amplification, and signal alarm of the receiving module.

5. High reliability

IC was used in the component and wasolated to ensure the reliability of the circuit. At the same time, the coaxial packaging of the TO tube shell is used to ensure the service life of the optical component core. In the production process, the laser welding process is used to improve reliability. The internal emission and receiving part of the module is completely independent, reducing the stringing between the two, making the module self -interference reduction and better performance.

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