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SFP four channel video optical transceiver.sfp module price
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SFP four channel video optical transceiver.sfp module price

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1.25G Multiple Mode

The four channel video digital multiplexing optical transceiver adopts the most advanced international digital video and fiber optic transmission technology, and transmits the four channel video signals in real-time, distortion free, and high-quality on a single core fiber optic. The 4-way video optical transceiver adopts full digital video uncompressed transmission technology, with high-quality video effect. Plug and play design makes installation simple and easy, without on-site adjustment. Its Optical module and core circuit are all imported components, with high stability. All optical and electrical interfaces comply with international standards, and are suitable for different working environments. The optical transceiver is equipped with video status indication, which can monitor the normal operation of the system.

The optical transceiver adopts a modular structure design, allowing users to flexibly choose or customize configurations based on specific on-site conditions. The above-mentioned optical transceiver can be installed in a standalone or rack mounted manner.


◆ plug-in or independent structure, suitable for centralized management of 4U racks

◆ 10 bit digital encoding and uncompressed video transmission

◆ Supports any high resolution video signal

◆ 5Hz-10MHz video channel

◆ Automatic compatibility with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video formats

Equipped with APC circuit, constant output optical power, and large dynamic range

◆ Gigabit fiber optic transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade

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