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SFP fiber optic.sfp module 10g
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SFP fiber optic.sfp module 10g

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1.25G Multiple Mode

The principle is to use light to enter the light sparse medium from the light dense medium, resulting in total reflection. There are usually several types, such as SC, ST, FC, etc., developed by NTT Corporation in Japan. FC is the abbreviation for FerruleConnector, which uses a metal sleeve for external reinforcement and a screw buckle for fastening. The ST interface is typically used for 10Base-F, while the SC interface is typically used for 100Base-FX.

The emission power of multiple mode ports is smaller than that of single mode ports, which is directly related to the models of GBIC or SFP, generally between -9.5dBm and -4dBm; The range of a single mode optical port is generally around 0dBm, and some ultra long distance interfaces can reach up to+5dBm.

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