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SFP fiber optic interface mode.SFP Module
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SFP fiber optic interface mode.SFP Module

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155M Multiple Mode

After "/", it indicates the cross section process of Optical fiber connector, that is, grinding method.

PC "is most widely used in the equipment of telecom operators, with a flat joint cross-section.

SC "indicates that the tail fiber connector model is SC connector. SC connectors are generally used for the side light interface of transmission equipment in the industry. SC connectors are made of engineering plastic and have the advantages of high temperature resistance and low oxidation resistance; The ODF side optical interface generally uses FC connectors. FC is a metal connector, but ODF does not have high temperature problems. At the same time, the metal connector can be plugged and unplugged more times than plastic, and the maintenance of ODF tail fibers is more than that of optical board tail fibers. Other common joint models are: ST, DIN, FDDI. "PC" refers to the cross section process of Optical fiber connector, and PC is the most common. The APC model was widely used in broadcasting and early CATV applications. The tail fiber head adopts an inclined end face, which is generally invisible and can improve the quality of the TV signal. The main reason is that the TV signal is modulated by analog light. When the coupling surface of the joint is vertical, the reflected light returns along the original path. Due to the uneven distribution of the refractive index of the optical fiber, it will return to the coupling surface again. Although the energy is small at this time, the analog signal cannot completely eliminate noise, so it is equivalent to adding a weak signal with time delay on top of the original clear signal. Represented on the screen as ghosting. The inclination angle of the tail fiber ribbon can prevent the reflected light from returning along the original path. Generally, digital signals do not have this problem.

There is also a process called "UPC", which has a lower attenuation compared to PCs. Generally, for equipment with special needs, the enamel disc is usually FC/UPC. Foreign manufacturers use FC/UPC for internal fiber skipping in ODF racks to improve the indicators of ODF equipment itself.

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