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SFP connector variety.sfp 10g 10km optical module
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SFP connector variety.sfp 10g 10km optical module

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SFP28 25G 10LR

There are many types of connectors with various signals, including MTRJ, ST, MU, etc. in addition to the three mentioned above.

FC is the abbreviation for Ferrule Connector, indicating that its external reinforcement is made of a metal sleeve and tightened with a screw buckle

PC is an abbreviation for Physical Connection, indicating that its mating end face is in physical contact, that is, the end face has a convex arch structure.

SC (F04) type fiber optic connector: molded plug-in coupling single mode fiber optic connector. Its shell is made of molded fiberglass plastic using a molding process, in a rectangular shape; The plug sleeve (also known as the pin) is made of precision ceramics, and the coupling sleeve is a metal slotted sleeve structure with the same structural dimensions as the FC type. The end face treatment adopts PC or APC type grinding method; The fastening method adopts a plug and pull pin latch type, without the need for rotation. This type of connector has low price, convenient insertion and removal operation, small fluctuation in intervention loss, high compressive strength, and high installation density.

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