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SFP classification.optic transceiver module
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SFP classification.optic transceiver module

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Rate classification

At a rate of 155m/622m/1.25g/2.125g/4.25g/8g/10g, the 155m and 1.25G markets are used more. 10G technology is gradually maturing, and the demand is developing.

Wavelength classification

According to the wavelength divided into 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1490nm/1530nm/1610Nm, the wavelength is 850nm is SFP multi -mode, the transmission distance is below 2km, the wavelength is 1310/1550nm, the transmission distance is above 2km. The price of three wavelengths is cheaper than the other three.

If the naked module is not identified, it is easy to confuse. Generally, manufacturers will distinguish the color of the ring. ; Purple is a module with a wavelength of 1490nm.

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