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SFP+ and SFP
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SFP+ and SFP

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1 (6)

1. SFP and SFP+ have the same dimensions;

2. SFP protocol specification: IEEE802.3, SFF-8472;

SFP+ and XFP

1. Both SFP+ and XFP are 10G fiber optic modules, and can communicate with other types of 10G modules;

2. Because of its smaller size, SFP+ integrates signal modulation functions, serial/deserializer, MAC, clock and data recovery (CDR), and electronic

Dispersion Compensation (EDC) functionality moved from the module to the motherboard card;

3. The protocol that XFP complies with: XFP MSA protocol;

4. Protocols compliant with SFP+: IEEE 802.3ae, SFF-8431, SFF-8432;

5. SFP+ is a more mainstream design.


1. SFP+ has a more compact form factor than X2 and XFP packages (same size as SFP);

2. It can be directly connected with the same type of XFP, X2, XENPAK;

3. The cost is lower than that of XFP, X2 and XENPAK products.

Introduction to SFP

SFP is the abbreviation of SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE (small pluggable), which can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC. SFP modules

The volume is reduced by half compared to the GBIC module, and it is only the size of a thumb. More than double the number of ports can be configured on the same panel. The other functions of the SFP module are basically the same as those of the GBIC. Some switch manufacturers call the SFP module a miniature GBIC (MINI-GBIC) [1]

The composition of the SFP optical module is as follows:

The laser (including the transmitter TOSA and the receiver ROSA) is composed of a circuit board IC and external accessories. The external accessories are composed of a shell, a base, a PCBA, a pull ring, a buckle, an unlocking piece, and a rubber plug. For the convenience of identification, the pull ring is generally used. The color identifies the parameter type of the module.

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