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SFP Optical Module
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SFP Optical Module

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1.25G Multiple Mode

1. Definition of optical module

The packaging method of SFP optical modules is hot-swappable small  packages. Now the maximum speed can reach 10G, and there are many LC interfaces.  The abbreviation of SFP is Small Form-factor Pluggable, which can be simply  understood as an upgraded version of GBIC. The volume of the SFP optical module  is reduced by half compared to the GBIC optical module, and the number of ports  can be more than doubled on the same panel.

2. Optical module composition

SFP optical modules are composed of lasers, circuit board ICs and external  accessories. The external accessories include shells, unlocking parts, buckles,  bases, pull rings, rubber plugs, PCBA, and the color of the pull rings can help  us differentiate the parameter types of the module.

3. Open the SFP optical module

GBIC and SFF are optical modules, and are gradually replaced by SFP optical  modules with the rapid development of the network. It's opening up in the  direction of miniaturization and hot swapping. SFP optical modules inherit the  hot-swap characteristics of GBIC, and also learn the advantages of SFF  miniaturization. The use of LC headers greatly increases the port density of  network equipment, and is used to the trend of rapid network opening, and has  been widely used. Although there are now many higher-tech and newer optical  transceiver products, SFP transceivers will still be around for a long time.  After SFP, the opening of optical modules is mainly towards higher rates, and  now there are 10G, 40G, 100G and other optical modules.


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