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Regarding the detailed explanation of the video SFP light module
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Regarding the detailed explanation of the video SFP light module

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The SFP optical module plays a vital role in the construction of small optical fiber networks. There are different types of SFP light modules on the market, such as 1000BASE-SXSFP, 1000BASE-LHSFP, 1000BASE-T copper SFP, etc. In addition, there is an SFP light module, which is mainly used for video transmission.

Video SFP optical module, also known as digital video optical module or SDI (serial digital interface abbreviation) video optical module, is a small hot plug -in module used with optical cables. Why use a video SFP light module? With the rapid development of large -capacity high -definition and ultra -high -definition (UHD) digital video broadcasts, network transmission requires a high -performance light module that can transmit video images. Video SFP light modules can be used for SDI video pathological signals on SDI devices (or SDI interfaces) to effectively ensure the quality of video transmission.

Type of video sfp light module.

Video SFP light modules can be divided into different types according to different levels. According to different transmission rates, it can be divided into 3G-SDISFP, 6G-SDISFP, 12G-SDISFP; MSA video SFP light module and non-MSA video SFP light module are divided into ordinary SFP video light modules and CWDMSFP video optical modules according to different working wavelengths. ; According to different transmission distances, it is divided into short video SFP light modules, mid -video SFP light modules and long video SFP light modules.

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