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QSFP+optical module and QSFP28 optical module recommendation
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QSFP+optical module and QSFP28 optical module recommendation

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Users of 100G networks usually encounter some problems. For example, the transmission distance of QSFP28 optical module can be up to 10km. To achieve longer distance data transmission, 40G QSFP+optical module must be used on 100G switches.

So many users may wonder whether the QSFP+optical module can be plugged into the QSFP28 port of the 100G switch? Can the QSFP28 optical module be plugged into the QSFP+port? We will give you detailed answers to these two questions.

The external dimensions of QSFP28 optical module are the same as that of QSFP optical module, but their transmission modes are different. The former is 4x10G or 4x25G, and the latter is 4x10G. Therefore, the 100G QSFP28 port can use QSFP+optical module or QSFP28 optical module.

The SFP+optical module cannot operate on the SFP port, and the same QSFP28 optical module cannot be used on the QSFP+port. The principle of mixed use of optical modules with different rates in the switch is basically attributed to the optical fiber and switch port used. The port of the optical module must match the port shape of the switch, and the switch port speed must be equal to or greater than the optical module speed used.

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