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QFX5100 switch
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QFX5100 switch

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(Juniper) The switch of the QFX5100 series is a switch designed for high -density applications such as data centers. It can be used as an accessible switch or convergence as a switch, which is extremely flexible. The QFX5100 series switches can access the third switch in a hybrid environment of 1G, 10G, and 40G, which can be used to meet the needs of customers with changes.

(Juniper) Each 10GBE rate of the switch of the QFX5100 series can support 100Mbps, 1G, and 10G, and can also achieve jumping line connections and copper wire connections. In addition The mouth can be configured to 4 10G ports, so that you can choose to use 40G QSFP+ TO 4*10G SFP+ DAC or AOC series, which is flexible and suitable for data networks.

(Juniper) QFX5100 series switch features:

• High -density configuration -provides 72 10GBE ports in the 1U platform; 96 10GBE ports are provided among the 2U platform; 32 40GBE ports are provided in the 1U platform.

• L2 and L3 performance of the highest 2.56 TBPS, delayed as low as 550ns*

• 1.5GHz Intel dual -core CPU, 8GB memory, 32GB SSD storage capacity

• High availability, the only feature of software upgrades (Tissu) features in the industry's only service in the industry

• Rich automated function, support Python, Chef, Puppet, and zero contact settings (ZTP)

• Compatible with the network EX4300 Ethernet switch, QFX 3500 switch, and QFX3600 switch compatible with the integrated Fabric solution, so provide investment protection

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