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Principles for purchasing SFP fiber optic transceivers.10g sfp module
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Principles for purchasing SFP fiber optic transceivers.10g sfp module

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(1) Check if it can support full duplex and half duplex on its own, as some chips on the market can only use full duplex environments and cannot support half duplex. If it is connected to another brand of switch (N-Way Switch) or hub (HUB) and uses half duplex mode, it will definitely cause serious collisions and packet loss.

(2) Check whether it has been tested with other Optical fiber connector. There are more and more optical fiber transceivers and transceivers on the market. If the compatibility of transceivers of different brands has not been tested before, packet loss, long transmission time, fast and slow will also occur.

(3) Check if it has a security device to prevent packet loss, as many manufacturers often use Register data transmission mode to reduce costs when making fiber optic transceivers. The biggest drawback of this method is that data transmission is unstable, causing packet loss. The best way is to use buffer circuit design, which can safely avoid data packet loss.

(4) Check if the product has undergone temperature testing, as fiber optic transceivers themselves generate high heat when used, and their installation environment is usually outdoors. Therefore, when the temperature is too high (cannot exceed 50 ° C), it is very important for users to consider whether the fiber optic transceivers can operate normally! What is the maximum allowable working temperature? For a device that requires long-term operation, this is very worthy of our attention!

(5) Check if the product meets the IEEE802.3 standard? If the fiber optic transceiver complies with the IEEE802.3 standard, if it does not comply with this standard, there will definitely be compatibility issues.

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