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Passive DWDM System VS active DWDM system!xpon olt Processing
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Passive DWDM System VS active DWDM system!xpon olt Processing

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Direct wave division reuse (DWDM) is a technology that can transmit multiple wavelengths of light signals in a fiber in a fiber, which can save a lot of optical fiber resources in long -range transmission applications. There are two main types of DWDM systems: passive DWDM system and active DWDM system.

Bright DWDM system

There are no active devices such as the optical fiber amplifier and the color dispersion compensator in the passive DWDM system. The transmission distance of this system will be limited by the transmission of the optical module, but it has the advantages of high channel capacity. In high -speed transmission lines of channel capacity.

Bright DWDM system

Original DWDM system

The active DWDM is a system that contains the forwarder. The role of the forwarder is to transform the light-electricity-light (OEO). The management and maintenance of the active DWDM system are also more complicated, so its operating costs are higher. Nevertheless, the active DWDM system is still widely welcomed in large -capacity light transmission applications.

Original DWDM system

The passive DWDM system and the active DWDM system have advantages and disadvantages, and will be introduced in detail below.

Profit and disadvantages of passive DWDM system

1. Save cost: Compared with the active DWDM backbone network with a fiber amplifier and a scattered compensator, passive DWDM can build high -speed transmission lines with high channel capacity at a lower cost.

2. Simple use: passive DWDM is a system that is plugged and played, which is simple and convenient to use.

However, the passive DWDM system is also inadequate in terms of scalability: the wavelength channel of the passive DWDM system is limited. If you want to expand the network, you must use more passive DWDM devices, which will increase the management difficulty of the system.

The advantages and disadvantages of the active DWDM system

1. The active DWDM system supports the number of wavelength channels, so the bandwidth is larger and the utilization rate of fiber is higher.

2. The active DWDM system is easier to manage. Users can adjust the channel wavelength online without closing the system, and the expansion of the active DWDM system is easier.

3. The transmission distance of the active DWDM system is farther than the passive DWDM system, and the deployment cost is higher.

4. The active DWDM system also uses equipment such as fiber fiber amplifiers, color dispersion compensators, and its deployment is more complicated than the passive DWDM system.

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