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POE Switch Optical Module Solution.xpon olt Vendor
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POE Switch Optical Module Solution.xpon olt Vendor

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The optical module solution of POE switch is also gradually inseparable from the existence of electricity in various industries, because every kind of electrical appliance needs electricity to operate. But once our phones, network videos and wireless routers are cut off for no reason, where should we find the right power supply system? Therefore, poe switch appears. A typical Ethernet power supply system can better meet the requirements of video monitoring field for network video transmission and so on. The following describes the POE switch and its optical module solution.

POE switch (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the existing Ethernet eCat 5 Without any change to the cabling infrastructure, the technology that can provide DC power for such devices while transmitting data signals for some IP based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points AP, webcams, etc.) is a switch that supports Ethernet power supply.

Poe switch adopts unique patented technology. Through the functional integration of the switching chip, it realizes the VLAN isolation technology between the PoE power supply port's long-distance 250m transmission and the lower connection port, meets the long-distance security monitoring power supply transmission requirements, and improves the data forwarding efficiency. The speed of POE switch is usually 10/100/1000M. It is widely used in the field of security monitoring, compatible with webcams, and provides power supply and data communication functions.

The POE switch port supports an output power of 15.4W or 30W, which complies with the IEEE802.3af/802.3at standard. It supplies power to the standard POE terminal equipment through the network cable power supply, eliminating the need for additional power wiring. Comply with IEEE802.3atPOE switch, the port output power can reach 30W, and the power available to the powered equipment is 25.4W.

OE switch can support SFP optical interface type, which can be matched with 55M and 1.25G SFP series optical modules and LC connector optical jumper. 1.25G SFP series optical modules can be divided into single fiber and dual fiber. The main types of 1.25G SFP dual fiber optical modules are gigabit multi-mode 500m, gigabit multi-mode 10km, gigabit single-mode 40km, gigabit single-mode 80km. Among them, multi-mode optical modules can be matched with multi-mode OM2 jumpers, and single-mode optical modules can be matched with OS2 jumpers. 1.25G SFP single fiber optical modules support transmission distances of 2km, 3km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 120km, 160km, etc. It should be noted that SFP single fiber BiDi optical modules need to be used in pairs.

As for the choice of single fiber optical module or dual fiber optical module, it mainly depends on the use cost. Generally, single fiber optical module can be selected for a long transmission distance, because the number of optical fibers required will be less. If the transmission distance is short, dual fiber optical module can be selected. The above is the recommended POE switch optical module configuration scheme. You can select the corresponding optical module according to the actual distance between network devices.

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