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Out of high -speed cable
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Out of high -speed cable

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Direct Attach Cable (DAC) is a communication device connection cable, which is generally used to achieve short -distance high -speed interconnection communication. Low -cost high -speed data communication solutions. Common wire specifications are 24AWG, 28AWG, and 30AWG, which can meet various applications.

Features of high -speed cables:

High performance, low cost

The real bandwidth from 1G to 10G data transmission IEEE 802.3AE and optical fiber channel standards are widely used, and the integrated solution has strong exchange capabilities. The network connection scheme between the economic low rack connection or the rack and the rack.

Anti -radiation and interference

The mechanical design and EMI design of the round handle can effectively organize EMI electromagnetic radiation and interference.

² Energy -saving and environmental protection

Support hot insertion, lower power consumption, and copper cables have the effect of natural radiator

EEEP storage signature design

Differential copper -mouth cable integration schemes and optical fiber module cable integration schemes.


Material: The inside of the high -speed cable is made of copper core. Copper cables have the effect of natural radiator, with good heat dissipation effects, and energy saving and environmental protection.

Power consumption: Low high -speed cable power consumption. Because the passive cable does not require power, the power consumption is almost 0; the power consumption of the source cable is generally about 440MW, and the high -speed cable has certain advantages in energy consumption.

Low cost: The price of copper cables is far lower than optical fiber. Therefore, using high -speed cables will also reduce the wiring cost of the entire data center.


、The transmission distance, large weight, large volume, difficult to manage.

干 Evil and electromagnetic interference, such as adverse response, degeneration and other problems.

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