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Optical power meter Optical module.optic transceiver module
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Optical power meter Optical module.optic transceiver module

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EPON OLT Module (EPON PX20+++)

Optical power meter refers to an instrument used to measure absolute optical power or the relative loss of optical power through a section of optical fiber. In fiber optic measurement, optical power meters are commonly used for heavy loads; In fiber optic systems, measuring optical power is the most basic, much like a multimeter in electronics. By combining an optical power meter with a stable light source, it can measure connection loss, verify continuity, and help evaluate the transmission quality of fiber optic links. For the specific application of users, suitable optical power meters should be selected.

The all-new user self calibration function has an extraordinary battery life using a universal No. 5 battery, with a continuous working time of up to 240 hours. Linear (mW) and nonlinear (dBm) indicators are displayed simultaneously. The unique universal interface design, such as FC/SC/ST, is universal, without the need for complex conversion and fast response. There is no need for preheating. The optional automatic shutdown function is optional, and the backlight display of the switch is optional

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