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Optical modules and optical transceivers
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Optical modules and optical transceivers

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The function of optical module is also the conversion between photoelectric signals, which is mainly used as the carrier for transmission between switches and equipment. The principle of optical module is the same as that of optical transceiver, but the optical module is more efficient and safe than the transceiver. The optical modules are classified according to the packaging form. The common ones are SFP, SFP+, XFP, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, etc.

Optical transceiver

Optical fiber transceiver is a device that converts short distance electrical signals and long distance optical signals. It is generally used in long-distance transmission. It is transmitted through optical fiber to convert electrical signals into optical signals and send them out. At the same time, it converts the received optical signals into electrical signals at the receiving end. It is also called Fiber Converter in many places.

Optical transceivers provide a cheap solution for users who need to upgrade the system from copper wire to optical fiber without funds, manpower or time.

① The speed of optical modules and optical transceivers must be the same, hundreds of megabytes, gigabytes, gigabytes.

② The wavelength and transmission distance must be consistent, for example, the wavelength is 1310nm or 850nm at the same time, and the transmission distance is 10km;

③ The light type must be the same, single fiber to single fiber, double fiber to double fiber.

④ The optical fiber tail jump or tail fiber must be connected with the same interface. Generally, the optical fiber transceiver uses the SC interface, and the optical module uses the LC interface.

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