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Optical module type matched with optical transceiver
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Optical module type matched with optical transceiver

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the global security industry, the optical network platform has been widely used in the security field, and the demand of China's optical transceiver market has also increased year after year. In addition to the security field, Ping'an City, urban intelligent transportation, expressway and urban rail transit projects are also the main markets for optical terminals.

The increasing market demand for video optical terminals brings new demands for fiber bandwidth capacity and equipment management. In order to meet the requirements of this change, as one of the core devices, the types of optical transceiver modules are also increasing, the requirements are getting higher and higher, and the complexity is also developing at an amazing speed.

In the security market, 2.5G SFP optical modules and CWDM optical modules have been stably applied to video optical terminals. The interfaces of optical modules have developed from ST and FC to SC and smaller LC and MT-RJ connectors, and the packaging of corresponding optical transceiver modules has also developed from plastic packaging to metal packaging.

Pin arrangement and packaging are developed from single row 9-pin, double row 5-pin or 10 pin to golden finger. The SFF (Small Form Factor) small package optical module adopts advanced precision optical and circuit integration technology. Its size is only half of the ordinary duplex SC (1X9) optical transceiver module. It can double the number of optical ports in the same space, increase the line port density, and reduce the system cost per port.

Because the SFF small package module uses the MT-RJ interface similar to the copper wire network, which is the same size as the common computer network copper wire interface, it is conducive to the transition of existing copper based network equipment to a higher rate optical network to meet the rapid growth of network bandwidth requirements. In specific applications, some optical terminal manufacturers are already using SFP modules, and others are using a single row of 9-pin modules with pigtail LC interfaces to achieve miniaturization.

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