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Optical module transmit (TOSA) and receive (ROSA) device resolution
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Optical module transmit (TOSA) and receive (ROSA) device resolution

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The function of an optical module in an optical communication network is to convert electricity to electricity. What optical devices are mainly composed of an optical module? Well, here's the answer.

First of all, the two most important parts of an optical module are the optical transmitting component (TOSA) and the optical receiving component (ROSA). Among them, the optical transmitting component (TOSA) mainly plays the role of converting electrical signals into optical signals (E/O), and its performance indicators mainly include optical power and threshold.

TOSA is mainly composed of a laser (TO-CAN), an adapter, and a tube core sleeve. In the long-distance optical module, an isolator and a regulating ring are also added. The isolator plays the role of anti-reflection, while the regulating ring plays the role of adjusting the focal length.

Optical emission devices include FP, DFB, VCSEL, EML, etc. Optical emission devices generally integrate laser diode (LD Chip), backlight detection tube (PIN Chip), thermistor, TEC cooler, optical collimation mechanism and other components inside the package shell.

The function of the optical receiving component (ROSA) is to convert the optical signal into electrical signal (O/E), and its performance index is mainly sensitivity (SEN). ROSA is composed of detector and adapter, among which the detector can be divided into PIN-TIA and APD-TIA, and the adapter has two kinds of metal and plastic PE parts.

In addition, the optical transmitting and receiving component of BIDI single-fiber optical module is BOSA, which consists of laser, adapter, filter, base, detector, isolator and tube core sleeve. BOSA is the main component of BiDi single-fiber optical module.

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