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Optical module optical transceiver.sfp module 10g
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Optical module optical transceiver.sfp module 10g

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1.25G Single Mode

1. Provide ultra-low latency data transmission.

2. Fully transparent to network protocols.

3. Using dedicated ASIC chips to achieve data line speed forwarding. Programmable ASICs concentrate multiple functions on a single chip, with advantages such as simple design, high reliability, and low power consumption, enabling devices to achieve higher performance and lower costs.

4. Rack type equipment can provide hot swapping function, which is easy to maintain and upgrade without interruption.

5. Network managed devices can provide functions such as network diagnosis, upgrade, status reporting, abnormal situation reporting, and control, and can provide complete operation logs and alarm logs.

6. The equipment mostly adopts a 1+1 power supply design, supporting ultra wide power supply voltage, achieving power protection and automatic switching.

7. Supports an ultra wide working temperature range.

8. Support complete transmission distance (0-120 kilometers).

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