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Optical module cloud wiring
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Optical module cloud wiring

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10G Multiple mode

MPO/MTP high-density backbone fiber optic cable components for data centers, MPO/MTP fanout fiber optic cable components, etc

Overload point and sensitivity are corresponding concepts, generally referring to the two critical points of optical power.

Overload point generally refers to the overload optical power. It is defined as the maximum input average optical power that the reference point on the optical receiving side can withstand, in dBm, at the nominal operating rate, while ensuring that the bit error rate (BER) does not exceed a specific value.

Simply put, if the input optical power exceeds this overload optical power, it may cause damage to the device

The "overload point" defined by the specification, also known as the "minimum overload point," is a concept related to bit error rate, which represents the maximum average optical power that a receiver can receive under a certain bit error rate.

The overload points mentioned in the Optical module index of the wavelength division equipment are all "minimum overload points", and the actual equipment must have a certain margin, so the measured overload points will be slightly greater than the "minimum overload point" value given in the index.

Another concept is "maximum input optical power", which represents the maximum optical power that the receiver can receive. When the actual optical power exceeds this value, it may burn out the optical device.

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