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Optical fiber distribution box
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Optical fiber distribution box

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Optical fiber sensing technology is gradually formed with the development of optical communication technology.

Compared with traditional sensors, fiber optic sensors have a series of unique advantages, such as high sensitivity, anti-electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, explosion-proof, flexible optical path, easy to connect with computers, simple structure, volume Small, light weight, low power consumption, etc.

Optical fiber sensors can be divided into functional and non-functional types according to the sensing principle.

The functional fiber optic sensor uses the fiber itself as a sensitive element, so it is also called a sensing fiber optic sensor, or an all-fiber sensor.

Non-functional fiber optic sensors use other sensitive elements to sense the changes to be measured. The fiber is only used as a transmission medium to transmit optical signals from distant or inaccessible places. Therefore, it is also called a light-transmitting sensor. or hybrid sensors. Optical fiber sensors can be divided into:

Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic Sensors

Phase Modulated Fiber Optic Sensors

Frequency Modulated Fiber Optic Sensors

Polarization Modulated Fiber Optic Sensors

Wavelength (color) modulated fiber optic sensor

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