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Optical Module Equipment
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Optical Module Equipment

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New design XPON ONU

1. Turn up the pull ring of the SFP optical module vertically, clamp the top buckle, hold both ends of the SFP optical module with your hands, and gently push it into the SFP slot until the SFP module is in close contact with the slot (you can feel the SFP optical module). The top and bottom shrapnel catch the SFP slot)

2. Wear an anti-static wrist when installing/pulling out the SFP optical module

3. In the absence of an excellent grounding method, do not directly plug and unplug the SFP optical module, which may cause the SFP optical module or the electronic components in the SFP slot to be electrostatically broken down, resulting in device damage.

4. Pull the pull ring of the SFP optical module to the horizontal position to remove the fixed contact between the shrapnel and the SFP slot. Forcibly pulling out the SFP optical module will damage the shrapnel or the buckle in the slot.

Summary: SFP optical module is a small hot-pluggable optical transceiver integrated module, which is widely used in communication operations. There are many types of SFP optical modules, such as: BIDI-SFP, electrical SFP, CWDM SFP, DWDM SFP, SFP+ optical module Wait. In addition, for the same type of XFP, X2, and XENPAK optical modules, SFP optical modules can not only be directly connected to them, but also have the characteristics of lower cost.

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