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ONU network unit classification
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ONU network unit classification

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ONU network unit classification

Active optical network unit is mainly used for triple play. It integrates the full-band radio frequency output of cable TV, high-quality VOIP audio, three-layer routing mode and wireless access functions, and easily realizes the access of terminal equipment of triple play.

The passive optical network unit is the user-end equipment of the GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) system, which is used to terminate the business transmitted from the OLT (optical line terminal) through the passive optical network (PON).

UTStarcom ONU 1001i is a cost-effective GEPON system user terminal equipment. Specially designed for home users and SOHO users to provide gigabit broadband connectivity to user gateways and/or PCs.

SFU/SBU single family unit/single enterprise user unit/single enterprise user unit: When using FTTH/FTTO to build an optical access network, each ONU only accesses one user. Generally, SFU/SBU provides 142 FeS to EI, and can also provide 1-2 POTS interfaces to provide narrowband voice services. SBU can also provide a small number of EI interfaces when serving commercial customers.

HGU home gateway unit: ONU home gateway unit, currently mainly used in FTTH occasions, with 4 Ethernet interfaces, 1 WLAN interface, and at least 1 USB interface;

There are many Mdu/MTU. Residential unit/multi-tenant unit: When FTTB telecom is used to build an optical access network, each ONU needs to access multiple independent users. MDU/MTU can provide 8/16/24 FE interface or 24/48/96 DSL interface, and the incoming cable is Category 5 cable or twisted pair cable. In order to meet the needs of users for voice services, MDU/MTU can also provide POTS interfaces, and provide broadband data services and narrowband voice services at the same time according to the ratio of 1:1. In addition, some MDUs/MTUs can also provide 2/4/8 EI interfaces to meet the needs of commercial customers for time division multiplexing services.

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