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ONU failure reasons
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ONU failure reasons

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10G Multiple mode

ONU (Optical Network Unit) Optical network unit, ONU is divided into active optical network unit and passive optical network unit. Generally, the equipment equipped with network monitoring including optical receiver, uplink optical transmitter and multiple bridge amplifiers is called optical node. The PON uses a single fiber to connect to the OLT, which then connects to the ONU. The ONU provides services such as data, IPTV (i.e. interactive network TV), and voice (using IAD, i.e. Integrated Access Device) to truly realize "triple-play" applications.

1. The problem of long light emission: the photoelectric converter is wrongly connected to the branch fiber, and the photoelectric converter emits light for a long time; the signal of the ONU optical module shutdown is abnormal, and the ONU is not turned off when it is turned off, which causes the ONU to emit light for a long time; the ONU software crashes, it will also Cause the ONU to glow for a long time.

2. Coverage interference problem: individual ONUs emit light in unauthorized time slots for some reason (such as insufficient extinction ratio), which affects the normal services of other ONUs.

3. Overlapping interference problem: The inconsistent parameters of different ONU optical modules cause partial overlapping of uplink optical signals, affecting each other's services

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