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OLT components
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OLT components

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36 Cores 2 in 2 out

OLT usually consists of the following parts:

1) The control board (also called the main control board or the super control unit) generally has 2 main and backup boards for one OLT.

2) The DC power supply board (the power supply from the negative 48 volts of the switching power supply) is generally 2 main and standby boards

3) Fan unit (heat dissipation of main equipment and environmental monitoring, etc.)

4) Machine frame (or service frame)

5) Uplink boards: GE optical interface boards (including daughter boards), integrated optical transceiver modules, generally a board has 2 GE ports (currently 10GE has been commercialized), and the uplink boards are connected to the BRAS through transmission (OTN transmission). (Broadband remote access server) and other aggregation switches or directly connected to BRAS and other equipment and SR equipment, if there is IPTV service, you need to connect to the corresponding BNG equipment) The uplink board has different transmission distances (without transmission in the middle) according to the optical module. Reach 10-40KM.

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