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1GE+1FE+1POTS+2.4G+5.8G(1200M)wifi XPON ONU

Optical Line Terminal, an optical line terminal, a terminal device for connecting optical fiber trunks.

The OLT is the core component of the optical access network, which is equivalent to a switch or router in a traditional communication network, and is also a multi-service providing platform. It is generally placed at the central office and provides an optical fiber interface for a user-oriented passive optical fiber network. Its main functions are:

Connect to the upper-layer network to complete the uplink access of the PON network.

The ONU of the customer end equipment is connected down through the ODN network (composed of optical fiber and passive optical splitter). Realize functions such as control, management and ranging of the ONU of the client equipment.

Broadcast Ethernet data to ONU

Initiate and control the ranging process, and record ranging information

Allocate bandwidth to ONU, that is, control the start time and send window size of ONU sending data.

Passive Optical Network, passive optical network. Refers to (optical distribution network) does not contain any electronic devices and electronic power supply. ODN is all composed of passive components such as optical splitter (Splitter), and does not require expensive active electronic equipment.

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