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Network diagram of optical communication network
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Network diagram of optical communication network

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SC-APC 1x8

OLT is the core component of optical access networks, equivalent to a switch or router in traditional communication networks, and also a multi service provider platform. It is generally placed at the office end and provides a fiber optic interface for user oriented passive fiber optic networks. Its main functions are:

Connect with the upper layer network to complete the upstream access of the PON (Passive optical network) network.

Connect the user equipment ONU through an ODN network (consisting of fiber optic and passive splitters). Realize functions such as control, management, and distance measurement of user device ONUs.

ONU is a user end device in optical networks, placed on the user end and used in conjunction with OLT to achieve Ethernet Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions, providing users with voice, data, and multimedia services. Its main functions are:

Select to receive data sent by OLT.

Respond to the management commands issued by OLT and make corresponding adjustments.

Cache the user's Ethernet data and send it in the uplink direction in the OLT allocated sending window.

Other user management functions.

In short, OLT is like a commander, commanding various ONU soldiers, providing us with affordable and high-speed communication services, connecting us more closely on Earth through light, and technology changing our lives.

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