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Make the light module assembly easier
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Make the light module assembly easier

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10g light module composition:

The base, the lower pressure block, the PCB plate, the upper block, the spring, the buckle (unlock), the pull ring, the screw, the sheet metal (upper)

10G light module assembly step:

Put the lower pressing block into the base → install the PCB board → install the block → put it on the heat sink → put the spring into the buckle and install it to the bottom seat → cover the sheet metal parts → top screw → hand pull → See if there is elasticity

Note: To detect whether a optical module is successfully assembled and pulling the ring by hand, good elasticity means that the assembly is successful. Without elasticity, it means that it fails.

The formation of the finished product of a light module requires multiple steps to complete. It seems simple, and it is easier to forget a certain step without paying attention. Therefore, we must pay more attention when assembling. I hope that through our graphic explanation, it will help you easily assemble the light module!

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