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Light module and light connector -related learning
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Light module and light connector -related learning

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Fiber Optic Patch Panel

The light module is an optoelectronic device that stops optoelectronics and electrical conversion. The sending terminal of the light module converts the telecommunications signal to the light signal and the acceptance end converts the light signal into a telecommunications signal. The optical fiber connecter is a device that stops the assembly (activity) connection between the fiber and the fiber. It refined the two end faces of the optical fiber to maximize the optical energy of the transmitted fiber input into the optical fiber. At a certain level, optical fiber connectors affect the reliable and functions of light transmission fragmented. Above, we will introduce some small knowledge of optical modules and fiber connectors.

1. Classification of light modules

1. The secondary main points of the Ethernet are divided into: 100Base (100M), 1000BASE (Gigabit), and 10Ge; SDH (synchronous digital system).

2. The packaging is divided into: 1x9 packaging --- welded light module. The normal speed is not higher than Gigabit. Most of the SC interfaces are used. SFF package-welded small packaging light module, the normal speed is not higher than the gigabit, and most of the LC interface is used. GBIC encapsulation --- hot insertion gigabit interface light module, using the SC interface. SFP packaging --- hot insertion small packaging module, currently the maximum speed can reach 4G, mostly the LC interface. Xenpak package-use in the Wanzo Ethernet and use the SC interface. XFP packaging-10G light module, which can be used in the Wanzabe Ethernet, and mostly uses the LC interface.

3. According to the laser types: LED, VCSEL, FPLD, DFBLD.

4. According to the launch wavelength, it is divided into: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, etc.

5. The insertion method is divided into: non -thermal insertion 1x9, SFF; hot insertion GBIC, SFP, xenPak, XFP.

2. Classification of Fiber Connectors

1. The connectors of optical fiber connectors are divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTRJ, etc. FC type (Ferrule Connector) --- Internal enhanced parts are metal with metal sleeves, and the fastening method is screw buckle. Commonly known as round head. SC type --- The shell is made of molding process, which is made of molding glass fiber plastic, which is rectangular. The pins are made of fine ceramics. The coupling sleeve is constructed with a metal open sewing sleeve. Demand rotation. Commonly known as square head. The LC type --- The outer diameter of the tube is 1.25mm, and it is usually half of the outer diameter of FC-SC, the outer diameter of the ST sleeve, and the use density of the connector.

2. The function of optical fiber connectors has optical functions, interchangeable functions, machine functions, environmental functions and life. The most important of these is the two goals of losses and echo loss.

3. Light module secondary parameters

1. Light module transmission rate: 100M, Gigabit, 10GE, etc.

2. Light module transmitting light power and acceptance sensitivity: The transmitting light power refers to the light intensity of the transmitting end, and the sensitivity of the sensitivity refers to the detection of the light intensity. These are two important parameters that affect the transmission interval of the light module. Restrictions on two aspects of color scattered.

The interval between the 3.10Ge light module and the selection of optical fiber types are based on the norm of 802.3AE.

4. Saturated optical power value refers to the maximum optical power that can be detected by the optical module, which is generally -3DBM. When the light power is greater than the saturated light power, it will cause the wrong code to occur

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