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Light module aging test.Shenzhen optic transceiver module
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Light module aging test.Shenzhen optic transceiver module

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4GE+1POTS+1USB+2.4G+5.8G(1200M)wifi XPON ONU

A. The purpose of aging testing:

1. Find the faulty product in advance before delivery

2. Prohibit faulty products from leaving the factory

3. Reduce the rate of waste

4. Ensure the work stability of the product after the product is issued

B. Process of aging testing:

1. Install the module to the aging board

2. Open power supply

3. Connect the male and female insertion

4. Start the aging machine switch

5. Close the aging machine box door

6. Click on the display on the display

7. The temperature setting value is 75, and the humidity setting value is 0

8. The aging time is about 24 hours

9. The aging is completed, put it well

10. Test launch and receiving

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