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Let's see what is the role of the light module?onu epon company
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Let's see what is the role of the light module?onu epon company

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What are the effects of light modules? In daily life, I believe most people know how to buy the light module. Then let you say what the main functions and functions of the light module have, can you say it? Then let's take a look at the following articles:

Generally, the light mouth plate is equipped with the corresponding light module. The SDH light port has a light module. The GE or POS port also has a corresponding light module. What is the use of the light module? First of all, the light module must be in the light board, that is, the light module is called the light board.

The main function of the optical module is to provide photoelectric-electricity conversion capabilities. Two parts: the emission part and the receiving part. The emission part is converted to the light signal. The receiving part is converted into a telecommunications signal.

Launch part: Enter a certain code -rate electrical signal through the internal drive chip processing after the driver semiconductor laser (LD) or luminous diode (LED) to emit the corresponding rate modulation signal. The power signal power remains stable.

The receiving part: The light signal input module with a certain code rate is converted from the light detection diode to the electrical signal. After the front is placed, the electrical signal with the corresponding code rate is output.

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