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Let's briefly talk about the fiber transceiver and light module!xpon olt wholesaler
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Let's briefly talk about the fiber transceiver and light module!xpon olt wholesaler

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As we all know, most of the optical modules are used in the main network of optical fiber networks. In short, optical fiber transceivers are a device that extend the network cable. Generally, single -mode is 20km, 25km, 40km, and 60km or more. There are not many more than 60km, and the demand for ultra -long distance is generally not much. Now use more than 10/100M adaptive and 1000M, but there are not many occasions used.

The multi -mode is rarely used now. Now the cost of single -mode optical cable is not more expensive than multi -mode, and the distance of the multi -mode generally is within 2 kilometers. The transceiver is also divided into built -in, external, single fiber, double fiber, and concentrated and single types. In short, according to customer needs and occasions.

For example: If you open an internet cafe, for example, to open a 10M bandwidth from the telecom operator, then they will pull from the telecommunications data machine room to your Internet cable, and then both parties will connect the optical fiber transceiver and the fiber transceiver device. The other ends are connected to the network cable, connect to the data room and your Internet cafe switch or router, and you can allocate network cables to each machine through the switch.

What is the difference between light modules and fiber transceivers?

1. The light module belongs to the accessories, which is generally used in the device with the switch and the light module slot. The optical fiber transceiver is a device that can be used alone.

2. The light module supports hot insertion, and the configuration is flexible. The optical fiber transceiver is a fixed specification, which is difficult to replace the upgrade.

3. The optical module provides a power supply through the supporting equipment, and the fiber transceiver and the power supply can be used alone.

How is the light module and the optical fiber transceiver connect?

1. The rate of optical modules and optical fiber transceivers must be the same.

2. The wavelength must be the same. All 1310nm or 850Nm

3. Single fiber -to -single fiber, double fiber -to -double fiber.

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