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Is the quality of the compatible optical module the same as that of the original brand optical module?
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Is the quality of the compatible optical module the same as that of the original brand optical module?

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With the rapid development of the communication industry and data centers at home and abroad, the demand for optical modules has increased dramatically. The capacity of brand original optical modules is limited and the number is small, so the price is expensive and the user's use cost is high. In response to this market phenomenon, many manufacturers of dual capacity optical modules have sprung up, and their emergence has indeed led to a substantial decline in the price of optical modules.

Many users will have a concern that the price of compatible optical modules is much lower than the price of original brand optical modules. Will the quality and compatibility differ a lot? Next, in order to relieve customers' concerns, we will talk about the current situation of the optical module industry and the quality and compatibility of compatible optical modules.

First of all, let's talk about a development phenomenon in the compatible optical module industry in China. That is, the scale is generally small, and the number is large. The competition between low-end products is fierce, which leads to the overall price of optical modules being much lower than the original brand optical modules.

Faced with so many optical module manufacturers, and the level of each manufacturer is uneven, many users do not believe in the quality and compatibility of compatible optical modules.

When it comes to the quality of compatible optical modules, it is true that some manufacturers are not qualified, but it does not mean that the quality of products in the whole industry is problematic. Users who want to purchase compatible optical modules must pay attention to their cost performance ratio, because the price of brand original optical modules is indeed much higher than that of compatible optical modules. Here are several influencing factors to determine whether the quality and compatibility of compatible optical modules are reliable.

1. According to the warranty period, the warranty period of the original optical modules of general brands is 1 year, while the warranty period of the facultative optical modules is more than 3 years.

2. For the compatibility problem of optical modules, many optical module manufacturers do not have many brand switch models, which leads to the factory optical modules can not be tested for compatibility. In order to ensure the normal operation of optical modules in switches of all brands, professional optical module manufacturers will 100% pass the optical module compatibility test on the real machine before leaving the factory.

3. For the quality of optical modules, it is difficult to see from the appearance. We can only run the computer for a period of time to see its operation status and then evaluate the quality of its manufacturers. Therefore, the quality evaluation of optical module manufacturers is a relatively long process. We might as well test several products compatible with optical modules and select the supplier of compatible optical modules with the highest cost performance ratio through comparison.

4. When purchasing optical modules, pre-sales and after-sales services are very important. We can indirectly reflect the professional level of this company according to the professional level of its sales when connecting with the manufacturer's sales. When selecting and purchasing optical modules, we should not only talk about the price, but also understand the product related knowledge. Optical modules are not fast moving consumer goods. You need to consider carefully when selecting and purchasing optical modules, and subsequent problems will be very troublesome, so you must consult clearly before sales.

5. The supplied compatible optical modules will go through a series of verification projects, including plug verification, luminous power test verification, signal transmission quality verification, basic information reading verification, fault tolerance verification, compatibility verification, EMC verification, environmental performance verification, etc.

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