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Is the Huawei original optical module compatible with the Hua San switch?
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Is the Huawei original optical module compatible with the Hua San switch?

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The optical module is an electronic component of the photoelectric conversion. The principle is that the transmitting end of the module converts the electrical signal into a optical signal. After transmitting through the optical fiber, the receiving end will convert the optical signal into a electrical signal. Nowadays, there are more and more light modules in the telecommunications network and data centers, and their requirements are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the continuous growth of network system bandwidth, the light module is constantly developing towards standardization, miniaturization, and intelligent development.

All in this industry should know that the most common application equipment for optical fiber module is the switch. The switch is divided into many brands, such as Cisco, Huawei, Hua San, Zhanbo, ZTE, HP, Dell, etc., and there are various brands of light modules.

However, the price of these brand light modules is very expensive, and many users will be discouraged. In order to minimize the cost of manufacturers and equipment vendors, the light -capacity module has appeared. Under the premise of insufficient budget, many people will consider buying a light -capacity module because this can not only meet the compatibility with switch equipment, but also meet the requirements of lower budgets.

First, let's talk about the compatibility of the light module. Compatibility refers to the degree of coordination work between hardware, between software, or between software and hardware combination systems. Is the brand of Huawei Light Module compatible with Huawei Light Module compatible with Huasan?

Some companies, especially some famous big companies, such as Cisco, Huawei and Huasan, etc., they have added secrets to their own devices, so the fiber module needs to write special codes to match these machines. Some companies use encryption, mainly to limit customers, use their original modules, and monopolize the market. However, the current cracking technology is already very high. The encryption of many well -known company equipment has been cracked by third -party module manufacturers. Third -party module manufacturers will write the matching code to the light module to achieve the compatibility of the module to achieve the module compatibility Essence

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