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Introduction to the PROFIBUS optical fiber module.hpe optical transceiver
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Introduction to the PROFIBUS optical fiber module.hpe optical transceiver

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4Port EPON OLT with 4SFP+ uplink port

FP Light Module-Shenzhen Zhuo'an Communication Co., Ltd. szzatx.com is always committed to research and development and manufacturing of equipment such as Gigabit Light Module, Magazine Module and other equipment. It is a professional optical module manufacturer to provide customers with satisfactory high-end equipment

The YT-PB-06K series has two models.

YT-PB-06km (multi-mode)

YT-PB-06KS (single mode)

PROFIBUS optical fiber transmission is one of the four transmission media recommended by international standard IEC61158Type-3: Profibus; its main advantage is strong anti-electromagnetic interference capacity (not common ground, lightning protection). Long-distance transmission (multi-mode fiber transmission distance 2km 2km The single -mode fiber transmission distance is 20km) and ring topology to achieve redundant transmission. YT-PB-06K series Profibus optical fiber link module, which can be used for PROFIBUS optical fiber communication group, has a bus. Star structure. The ring mesh structure can form a redundant optical fiber transmission network.



1. Standard Profibus-DP interface.

2. Communication Potter rate adaptability, 9600-12 mega PS.

3. The fiber of the fiber can reach 20km long.

4. The interface uses industrial terminals and standard Profibus-DP interfaces to facilitate on-site connection.

5.6.DC9-30V Wide power supply input method can meet various industrial site needs.

7. Use a 35mm standard industrial -oriented device.

Fiber interface:

1. Fiber wavelength: Multi -mode: 850nm.1310Nm;

2. Single chip: 1310NM.1550NM;

3. Transfer fiber: 50/125.62.5/125.100/140um multi -mode fiber;

4. Single mode: 8.3/125.9/125um.10/125um;

5. Transmission distance: 2km multi -mode, 20km single -mode;

6. Optical fiber interface type: ST interface.

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