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Introduction to GPON
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Introduction to GPON

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Introduction to GPON

With the development of technology, optical fiber has become "cheap and easy to use", so FTTx (FiberTo The X, optical fiber access) is widely used as a new generation broadband solution, which provides users with a high-bandwidth, full-service access platform . At the same time, FTTH (FiberTo The Home, fiber to the home) is also known as the most ideal service transparent network, and is the ultimate way of access network development.

PON (PassiveOptical Network) is mainly composed of optical line terminal OLT (OpticalLine Terminal), optical network unit ONU (OpticalNetwork Unit) and passive optical splitter POS (PassiveOptical Splitter).

PON technology began to develop in the 1990s, ITU started from APON, through BPON, and now GPON; at the same time, IEEE also developed EPON technology in Ethernet technology. At present, the PON technologies used for broadband access mainly include EPON and GPON, which use different standards. Since GPON is used this time, the following contents are explained around GPON.

As the latest development of PON technology, GPON (Gigabit-capable PassiveOptical Networks) has three main advantages:

(1) Longer transmission distance: using optical fiber transmission, the coverage radius of the access layer reaches 20km;

(2) Higher bandwidth: the downlink transmission rate can reach 2.5Gbps, and the uplink transmission rate can reach 1.25Gbps;

(3) Optical splitting characteristics: After splitting a single optical fiber at the central office, multiple-to-home optical fibers are led out, which saves optical fiber resources.

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