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Introduction of four common 100G QSFP28 light modules
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Introduction of four common 100G QSFP28 light modules

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100G has a variety of encapsulation forms, including CFP/CFP2/CFP4, CXP and QSFP28. In these different 100G packaging forms, the QSFP28 optical module has become the main packaging method of 100G networks due to its high port density, low power consumption and low cost, and low cost. Therefore, we will focus on the four types of 100G QSFP28 light modules today.

1.100GBase-SR4 QSFP28 light module

100GBase-SR4 QSFP28 light module is a parallel 100G light module. The QSFP28 full dual -work light module provides 4 independent sending and receiving channels. Each function can operate 25Gbps at 100 meters of OM4 MMF. The overall data rate is 100Gbps.

100GBase-SR4 QSFP28 Light module transmits signals when transmitting the transmitted end, and the electrical signal is converted into a optical signal by the laser array, and then transmitted parallel on the band-shaped multi-mode fiber. Merge -pairing signal.

100G-SR4 qsfp28 light module

2.100GBase-LR4 QSFP28 light module

100GBase-LR4 QSFP28 optical module is generally used with LC single-mode fiber jump line, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 10km.

100GBASE-LR4 QSFP28 light module converts the 4-way 25Gbps electrical signal to 4 LAN WDM light signal, and then reuse it into a single channel to achieve 100G light transmission. At the receiving end, the module is reused to 4 LAN WDM light signals of 100G light input, and then converted it to the 4 -route signal output channel.

100G-LR4 QSFP28 Light Module

3.100GBase-CWDM4 QSFP28 Light Module

The transmission rate of QSFP28 CWDM4 light module is 103.1Gbp, which is mainly used in the fields of computing and high -frequency transactions. Its cost is significantly higher than the QSFP28 PSM4 light module.

Through the coarse wave division (CWDM) technology, the QSFP28 CWDM4 optical module is used to transmit 1270nm, 1290nm, 1310nm, and 1330nm on one single -mode fiber for transmission.

4.100GBase-PSM4 QSFP28 Light Module

QSFP28 PSM4 light module is a high -speed and low -power product, which is specially used in data communication applications. It is in line with the PSM4 MSA light interface specification. It has the shape of the QSFP that can be inserted and plugged out. The built -in digital diagnosis function has 4 independent full dual -work channels, and each channel can reach the data rate of 25.78Gbps.

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