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Introduction and prospect of 40G PSM4 optical module
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Introduction and prospect of 40G PSM4 optical module

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New design XPON ONU

Data show that 10 g and 40 g port much higher growth rate of low speed growth, 40 g optical module as the next generation of high speed and large capacity of core technology and key parts of optical network, its transmission rate is high, volume is small, is now widely used, the following is to introduce the next 40 g optical module, 40 g PSM4 optical module.

The 40G PSM4 optical module uses the MPO interface and transmits data through four receiving and four transmitting channels in parallel. The maximum transmission distance is 10KM. Among many 40G optical modules, SR4 and eSR4 have MPO interfaces, but their transmission distances are short. In MPO/MTP cabling, the 40G PSM4 optical module can make up for the short transmission distances of the other two modules.

Another use of the MPO interface is to connect the MPO interface to the 10G optical module through the MPO-4*LC fiber jumper, which can connect the original four 10G ports to one 40G port. In this way, the old low-rate device can be connected to the new high-rate switch.

Although the transmission distance of 40G LR4 and 40G PSM4 optical modules is both 10KM, their production technology is quite different, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The working wavelength of 40G PSM4 is 1310nm and uses the parallel transmission mode, while the working wavelength of 40G LR4 is 1270, 1290, 1310 and 1330nm in TOSA and ROSA, which are combined with CWDM-DEMUX/MUX technology respectively.

2. The 40G PSM4 is an MPO interface, while the 40G LR4 is a dual LC interface.

3. The 40G PSM4 adopts COB packaging process, while the 40G LR4 adopts 4-channel integrated air-tight butterfly packaging process.

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