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Intelligent SFP lighting control module.gpon onu stick sfp
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Intelligent SFP lighting control module.gpon onu stick sfp

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10G Multiple mode

The voltage levels vary across China, so when designing various types of lighting fixtures, in order to ensure that they can start and emit light normally under different conditions, their design voltage is generally lower than the standard phase voltage of 220V; The power system often increases the transmission voltage for the convenience of energy transmission, resulting in a higher actual working voltage of lighting fixtures. These excess voltages not only prevent the lamps from working more efficiently, but also have two major negative effects: wasting electrical energy and shortening the lifespan of the lamps.

In response to the fatal flaw of the existing lighting circuit, Dr. Baowa DL series intelligent lighting energy-saving control system optimizes the input voltage of the power supply system through electromagnetic induction, adjusts the voltage using AC-AC direct conversion technology, and outputs the voltage to the lighting load to the optimal value of the designed voltage of the lamp. This not only saves electricity, but also extends the lifespan of the intelligent lighting control system, At the same time, it also ensures the triple purpose required by lighting standards.

According to the basic principles of electricians, P=U2/R, set the electricity applied to the lamp

When the voltage is U, the impedance of the light is set as the Resistor R, then the power consumed under the original voltage U0 is P0. After the voltage is properly reduced to U1, the power consumed P1 will decrease with the square of the voltage. The active power saving rate is expressed as:

ε%= 1- (U1/U0) 2 × 100%

As for fluorescent tubes, only sufficient rated voltage is required to excite the fluorescent substance during startup to make the tube emit light. Within the preset time, the intelligent lighting control system senses that the power of the lamp tube has been fully utilized, automatically adjusts the load voltage, and the lamp tube can enter the energy-saving mode for operation. At the same time, the intelligent lighting energy-saving control system enters the automatic online detection state. According to a large number of experimental results, for every 10% decrease in power supply voltage, the illuminance of fluorescent lamps only decreases by about 7%, while the human eye's perception of light is logarithmic: that is, when the illuminance decreases by 10%, the human visual perception brightness only decreases by 1%. Therefore, the slight change in illuminance caused by reasonably reducing the input power of the lamp is almost imperceptible to the human eye, The intelligent lighting control system has positive significance in extending the lifespan of lamps and reducing maintenance costs.

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