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Industrial production -level light module.sfp fiber optic transceivers price
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Industrial production -level light module.sfp fiber optic transceivers price

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As a professional optical module manufacturer, Shenzhen Zhuo'an Communication Co., Ltd. has not only made strict requirements on the selection of industrial production -level light module product raw materials, but we will continue to grasp it technically to ensure that to ensure that to ensure that Our light module products maintain superior performance in various environments.

As an optical fiber communication practitioner, the operating temperature of the optical module will endanger the various main parameters of all the light modules. When the use temperature of the light module changes, the current in the work of the light module will be changed with changes in temperature. At the same time, the major parameters of the light module will change, which will affect everything in all the light modules In normal transmission work, how to manipulate this problem? Let me simply introduce all the normal transmission work of the industrial production -level light module.

First, according to the application scenario of the optical module, the following two types can be divided into two:

Commercial service -grade light module manufacturers: It is the most common and most commonly used product on the market. The operating temperature is 0 ~ 70 ° C.

Industrial production -level light module manufacturers: In a harsh environment, the temperature difference at work is very large. The most important operating standards are that it is necessary to reach the temperature regulations of minus 40 degrees and 85 degrees.

So, how can the light module manufacturer ensure the main regulations of the industrial production -level light module? Our company ensures the reliability of industrial production equipment from the following aspects:

1. Hardware configuration regulations: Common ICs (integrated IC) and TOCAN (laser generator) must achieve the temperature level of industrial production.

2. Physical antipyretics: Perhaps most of the employees will have experienced such a childhood. If you have a fever, your parents will post a cooling sticker on your forehead. This is a physical antipyretic. Naturally, the control module uses heat dissipation silicone to make physical antipyretics, which is to let TO's thermal mass release as soon as possible. So you can ask, what if it is ultra -low temperature? Isn't that there are some different shields? Look at the following, this is also the most important technical.

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