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In -depth analysis of the ETU brand optical fiber module
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In -depth analysis of the ETU brand optical fiber module

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The speed of the network is developing rapidly, and the light module technology is also developing rapidly to meet the rising speed and capacity needs.

Let's see how this progress will affect the data center.

Today, we will analyze our light modules in depth to help you make more wise choices.

The optical hair module is an integrated circuit (IC) of two -way independent launch and receiving data.

1. What is the light module?

The optical fiber module consists of TOSA / ROSA / BOSA, PCB board and shell.

★ The optical device involves the launch end and the receiving end.

The transmitting end converts the electrical input to the light output from the laser diode or LED device.

The optocoupler at the end of the optical fiber to the receiver, and then the detector converts the optical signal into a electrical signal.

The optical device involves the launch end, the receiving end_ 光 module

★ PCB board

The PCB board includes chips and integrated circuits.

Make laser on silicon, and then combine optical devices with silicon integrated circuits. Not only can help reduce power consumption, but also reduce costs

A zinc alloy case with corrosion resistance, good impact strength, and good size stability.

2. Optical fiber module: original or third party

As we all know, the original equipment manufacturers such as Cisco and third-party fiber module manufacturers such as ETU-Link all exist in the market.

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