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How to use the video SFP light module.
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How to use the video SFP light module.

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Because the video SFP light module can not only complete the conversion from light signals to digital signals, but also the conversion from digital signals to optical signals. Therefore, it is usually used for high -definition camera or monitoring systems and broadcast video transmission. The following is a guide based on 3G-SDISFP as an example.

The high -definition camera or monitoring system uses a video SFP module.

Generally, there are multiple high-definition terminal devices in the HD camera or monitoring system, so we can use a high-definition video matrix as one end to provide multiple video SFP ports and the other end to provide multiple HD-SDI devices. Insert the 3G-SDI light module into the device and then connect the SDISFP optical module at both ends through the fiber. The wiring diagram is shown in the figure below.

Broadcast video transmission applications use video SFP light modules.

Because the broadcast video transmission application requires high density wiring, HD-SDI devices of high-density video SFP ports are usually used. As shown in the figure below, insert multiple 3G-SDISFP light modules into the HD-SDI devices on both sides, and then connect the video SDISFP optical module at both ends through the fiber jump line.

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