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How to use the transceiver? Optical transceiver connection diagram
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How to use the transceiver? Optical transceiver connection diagram

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Although the development of the security industry is moving forward, the main reason is that the security construction is closely related to our daily life. It will enable more and more people to better understand the current life and make our life more convenient and intelligent!

Today, let's talk about an important link in the security communication network: what role will the transmission communication equipment play, and what impact will its various equipment have?

First of all, let's understand the composition of security communication transmission equipment: the most commonly used is the switch. However, there are many types of switches. Different switches need to be used in different occasions. Only when it is suitable for the location can the equipment play its own performance! Then there is the transceiver. When it comes to the transceiver, how much do you know? Now let's talk about how the transceiver works and how to install and use it correctly.

Before explaining the working principle of the transceiver, we can also understand the history of the transceiver. Generally speaking, the transceiver refers to the optical fiber transceiver (also called the photoelectric converter). There is a network port (also called the electrical port) and an optical fiber port on the equipment of a transceiver,

Will it be easier to understand through such graphic interpretation? At this time, let's talk about the working principle of optical fiber transceivers. Transceivers are usually used in pairs to transmit and receive; Its working principle is mainly to convert photoelectric signals, and its main function is to extend the transmission of network signals! Now optical communication will tell you how to use the transceiver?

First point: remote transmission

The remote transceiver transmits the information to the computer room through optical fiber transmission. The network port of the transceiver at the transmitting end is connected with the equipment. The main purpose is to transmit the information data at the front end to the transceiver, and then the transceiver converts the electrical signal transmitted back from the network port into optical signal. The optical fiber long-distance transmission is carried out from the optical port of the transceiver

Second point: machine room reception

Convert the optical signal transmitted by optical fiber at the front end into electrical signal for data reception, and finally transmit it to the screen to complete the long-distance transmission and transmission of the signal

Here, optical communication reminds you that when installing and connecting the transceiver, you should pay attention to check whether the connection is correct and how the indicator light indicates. The transceiver has six indicator lights corresponding to different connection information. The correct indicator light prompts should be as follows

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