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How to use SFP+optical modules with 10 Gigabit switches
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How to use SFP+optical modules with 10 Gigabit switches

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1.25G Multiple Mode

In today's Internet era, enterprise network deployment and data center construction are inseparable from optical modules and switches. Optical modules are mainly used to convert electrical signals and optical signals, while switches are used to forward optical signals.

Among many optical modules, SFP+optical module is one of the most widely used optical modules at present. When used with switches, different connection methods can achieve different network requirements. Next, we will introduce the concept, types and applications of SFP+optical modules.

The SFP+optical module is a 10G optical fiber module in the SFP optical module, which is independent of the communication protocol. It is generally connected with switches, optical fiber routers, optical fiber network cards, etc., and is used in 10G bps Ethernet and 8.5G bps Fibre Channel systems. It can meet the higher speed requirements of the data center and realize the network expansion and conversion of the data center.

The SFP+optical module line card has high density and small size. It can interoperate with other types of 10G modules, providing higher installation density for the data center and saving costs. Therefore, it has become the mainstream pluggable optical module in the market.

Types of SFP+optical modules

In general, SFP+optical modules are classified according to their actual applications. Common types include 10G SFP+, BIDI SFP+, CWDM SFP+, and DWDM SFP+.

10G SFP+optical module

This type of optical module is not only an ordinary SFP+optical module, but also an upgraded version of the 1G SFP optical module. It is the mainstream design in the current market, with a maximum distance of 100KM.

BIDI SFP+optical module

This type of optical module adopts WDM wavelength division technology, with a maximum speed of 11.1G bps and low power consumption. It has two optical fiber jacks, with the maximum transmission distance of 80KM. It is generally used in pairs. When the data center is building a network, it can reduce the use of optical fiber and reduce the construction cost.

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