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How to solve the optical module optical power alarm of the device?
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How to solve the optical module optical power alarm of the device?

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When we use optical modules, improper use sometimes leads to abnormal operation of optical modules. How can we solve this problem? Today I will give you an answer to how to diagnose the cause and the corresponding solutions when the optical power of the optical module is too high or too low.

Taking Huawei switches as an example, the following information will appear when the optical power alarm occurs:

1、BASETRAP_ the optical module sends or receives abnormal power, it sends an alarm

2、ENTITYTRAP_ 2011. hwOpticalInvalid136193//The optical module sends an optical power too high alarm

3、ENTITYTRAP_ 2011. hwOpticalInvalid136194//The optical module sends the low optical power alarm

4、ENTITYTRAP_ 2011. hwOpticalInvalid136195//The optical module receives an alarm that the optical power is too high

5、ENTITYTRAP_ 2011. hwOpticalInvalid136196//The optical module receives the low optical power alarm

When an optical power alarm occurs, we don't need to panic. We can first look at the possible causes of the abnormal optical power. Generally, the abnormal optical power is caused by the following reasons.

1. The models and wavelengths of optical modules at A and B terminals are inconsistent;

2. The optical module is not plugged tightly or the optical fiber fails;

3. The optical fiber is too long or the link loss is too large;

4. The opposite end luminous power is abnormal;

5. Optical module failure.

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