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How to select professional optical module manufacturers?
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How to select professional optical module manufacturers?

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1X9 Modules

In the optical network solution, although the unit cost of optical modules as accessories of switches is not as high as that of switches, the total cost will be very high if switch ports are filled with optical modules, especially the original optical modules provided by equipment suppliers such as Cisco and Huawei. Therefore, in order to reduce the total cost, many users will choose the third-party dual light modules with relatively low prices. However, all kinds of third-party and Rongguang module suppliers on the market are mixed, and only depending on the price cannot make a comprehensive judgment on the supplier. Now let's teach you how to find suppliers of cost-effective third-party compatible modules?

1. Quality management system and certification qualification.

The manufacturer shall have ISO9001 quality management system and CE, ROHS and FCC certification.

2. Complete set of test equipment

The manufacturer needs to have a full set of testing equipment, and common equipment include optical attenuator, optical power meter, bit error meter, eye graph, brand switch, etc.

3. Systematic detection process

High quality optical modules will undergo product appearance inspection, parameter inspection, compatibility and connectivity inspection and optical end surface cleaning before shipment. However, not all third-party optical module suppliers have complete testing equipment, so it is better to choose optical module suppliers that can provide factory test reports or optical modules have passed real machine testing/simulation scene testing,

4. Module warranty time

The normal service life of an optical module is 3-5 years, and the optical modules provided are guaranteed for three years with lifelong technical support.

5. Perfect warehousing system

A supplier of compatible optical modules with a large number of spot stocks and a perfect warehouse system represents its ability to respond quickly, deliver goods in a timely manner, and respond quickly to the needs of customers in different regions.

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