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How to match the SFP light module and network switch.epon onu huawei compatible
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How to match the SFP light module and network switch.epon onu huawei compatible

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Different types of optical modules are connected to the network switch, which can be used in different networking solutions. Below is a detailed introduction to the specific matching of several types of SFP+light modules and network switches in detail.

Plan 1: The connection between 10GSFP+Magazine Module and Network Switch

Put 4 10GSFP+optical modules into a 10-Gbpsfp+port number of a network switch, and then insert a 40GQSFP+optical module into the 40-Gbpsqsfp+port number of another network switch, and finally use a branch in the middle. Fiber fiber fiber is carried out.

The key to this interface completes the expansion of the Internet from 10G to 40G, which can quickly and simply meet the network upgrade requirements of big data centers.

Plan 2: The connection between BIDISFP+Merry Light Module and the Middle Switch

Insert the optical module into the SFP+terminal number of the two network switches, and then switch to the LC optical fiber fiber that matches the optical module interface to connect the light module on the two network switches.

The interface method has reasonably completed the data information connection of very simple economic development, which can be used in the Ethernet interface connection of big data centers, company wiring and its telecommunications network.

Plan 3: CWDMSFP+Mercy Module and Network Switch Connection

This interface uses a wireless relay box, the farewoman transceiver, the CWDM coarse wave division, etc. to connect the optical module with the network switch, and the RJ45 electric port on the 10G 10,000 -dollar Ethernet switch is converted to CWDM coarse CWDM light wave length for wave division repeat device.

Planning Plan 4: DWDMSFP+Merry Module and the Midtoperbage between the Network Switch

Insert the optical module into the SFP+port number of the network switch, and then use the armor -cable fiber fiber fiber to connect it with the DWDM dense wave removal.

This interface completes the maintenance of the light signal light in the long -distance transmission, which can reduce the light wave consumption in a large level, and the long -distance light signal light is not transmitted.

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