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How to judge the quality of optical modules
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How to judge the quality of optical modules

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16Port GPON OLT with L3 management

A high-quality optical module can ensure the flexible operation of the high-density optical network, which facilitates the subsequent management and expansion. So how should we judge the quality of optical modules? Here are some judgment indicators.

1. The optical module shall comply with MSA multi-source protocol, and the manufacturer shall pass CE, ROHS, FCC certification, etc. The multi-source protocol (MSA) standard specifies the interface and size of the module. The module manufacturer can provide optical modules with the same functions as the switch brand according to this protocol, and ensure that the optical module can accommodate a variety of original equipment.

2. The optical module shall have DOM/DDM function, so that the user can monitor the real-time parameters of the optical module. The specific parameters include operating temperature, operating voltage, operating current, transmitting and receiving optical power, etc. In addition, the factory information of the module can be displayed, and the alarm/warning can be prompted.

3. Before the optical module leaves the factory, it is necessary to conduct the real machine compatibility test to ensure that the optical module has good quality, performance and compatibility, avoid network interruption, and save maintenance time and cost. It is recommended to ask the supplier before purchasing optical modules.

4. Check the surface of the module for signs of damage, scratches on the gold finger, etc. If there is obvious damage, it indicates that the optical module may be defective or second-hand.

5. It can be judged from the after-sales service that the service life of general optical modules is about 3 years, so we choose optical module suppliers with quality assurance when selecting optical modules. All optical modules produced by professional optical module manufacturers provide a 3-year warranty.

6. Use an optical power detector to measure whether its optical power is consistent with the parameters in the data manual. If the difference is too large, it is a second-hand optical module.

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