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How to judge the compatibility and quality of the light -capacity module?
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How to judge the compatibility and quality of the light -capacity module?

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In a large network transmission system, it is a very important factor to save costs, especially when a large number of light modules are required, especially the original light module is used. As a result, compatible modules have occurred to solve such problems. But how should we determine the quality of the lighting module when buying?

Today we will share some related knowledge with you:

1. Does our module have data diagnosis and monitoring interface (DDMI) specified in the SFF-8472 standard?

The SSFF-8472 standard is a key factor to determine whether the quality and compatibility of the optical module is passed. It is formulated by the SFF committee to define the data diagnosis and monitoring interface (DDMI) used to define the optical module, which can help us understand the optical module parameters in real time.

DDMI is also called DDM or DOM. When the light module runs or more data during the running process exceeds the standard parameters prescribed by the manufacturer, it has an alarm function.

2. Does our module have the fault positioning function?

The fault positioning function can help engineers find problems and quickly repair the light module, and reduce the time of the DOWN machine.

If there is a data diagnostic monitoring function (DDM), we can use DDM to analyze each parameter of the optical module, such as output optical power, virtual channel connection (VCC), etc., so as to determine the fault point in the fiber chain.

3. Does our module pass compatibility verification?

Compatibility needs to be tested on the switch to check the working situation of the module. This is the only way to determine the performance of the optical module. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of the light module, the stronger the compatibility.

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